Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hall to Induct 10 New Members and 10 Pioneers!

Elizabeth Ball, President of the Board of Directors of the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame today announced the names of twenty exceptional contributors to British Columbia’s rich entertainment legacy.

This year's new inductees are:

Michael Buble ~ Music
Nicholas Campbell ~ Televison/Film
Wendy Gorling ~ Theatre
Jurgen Gothe ~ Radio
Tom Harrison ~ Music
Fanny Keifer ~ Television
Terry McBride ~ Music
Bill Reiter ~ Radio
Gabrielle Rose ~ Theatre/Film/Television
Max Wyman ~ Dance

The following new Pioneers will officially be inducted:

Peter Rolston ~ Television
Jack Wasserman ~ Journalist
Harold Brown ~ Music
Barney O’Sullivan ~ Theatre
Ken Gibson ~ Television
Ernie Fladell ~ Festivals
Joy Metcalfe ~ Radio
Chuck Davis ~ Author
Babz Chula ~ Theatre
Maria Lewis ~ Dance

The BC Entertainment Hall of Fame Pioneer Award is given to those special individuals who have moved the entertainment industry forward over a substantial period of time through their work with individuals or groups, in performance, design or technologies. Their contributions are unique.

All twenty entertainment legends will be honored at a ceremony on April 19.
Biographies will be added to the Hall of Fame archives in the near future.
For more information contact Steve Duncan at 604-788-8340 or email