Friday, June 27, 2008

New Orpheum Tour Dates Announced

The beauty and secrets of the Orpheum’s magnificent painted dome are just some of the wonders that will be revealed on a tour of Vancouver’s beautiful heritage theatre. Visit every nook and cranny, from the maze of rooms under the stage to the catwalk over the dome. Learn about the Orpheum’s history, architecture and technical operations and follow its evolution from a Vaudeville theatre in 1927 to today’s outstanding concert hall.
Beyond the brick and mortar, glean a colorful insight into the lives of some of the acclaimed entertainment personalities who have appeared on the Orpheum stage. Enjoy a wealth of fascinating stories about stars from Kate Hepburn to Jack Benny. Every tour is unique with its own special look at the past.
Private tours of the Orpheum can be arranged for groups on days when there are no bookings in the theatre.
Public tours of the theatre are offered on the following dates:
Saturday, July 12
Saturday, July 26
Saturday, August 16
Saturday, August 23
Large groups are requested to call in advance. Cost is $10 for adults and $ 5 for children/students/seniors person with a minimum of $75 for Private Tours. All proceeds benefit the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame, which honours British Columbians who have excelled and made outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry, here, across Canada and internationally.
For more information call 604-665-3050.